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Each service user is provided with a statement of terms and conditions at the point of moving into the home, or a contract if purchasing their care privately. This will include details of rooms to be occupied; the overall care and services covered by the fee; the fees payable and by whom; additional services to be paid for over and above those included in the fees; the rights and obligations of the service user and registered provider and who is liable if there is a breach of contract; and the terms and conditions of occupancy, including the period of notice required to end contractual obligations (Please see ‘Conditions of Admission and Terms of Business’ attached at the end of this guide). Walmer Lodge will continue to provide care for service users already residing with us who reach the age of 65. In situations where specialist care is required resident would be provided with assistance in obtaining a more appropriate provision. We would in these cases endeavour to continue to maintain contact with our service user until they feel settled in their new home.


Conditions of Admission and Terms of Business

Walmer Lodge Residential Home will do its utmost to care for service users in all circumstances to the best of the ability of the Proprietors and staff.  Service users will receive the highest quality of individual care pursuant to the aims set out in our statement of purpose.

The furtherance of these aims requires an extensive establishment at substantial financial cost. Thus for the mutual benefit of the Walmer Lodge Residential Home and service users it is necessary to define the conditions of business appertaining between the Walmer Lodge Residential Home and service users.

Terms of Business

  1. Current charges are based on minimum Social Care rate. Where there is additional care components required as assessed by the Home or dictated by the National Care Standards, then our charges will reflect this. There is an additional charge for double sized bedroom or en-suite facilities. Payment is due on the date of invoice. Fees will be subject to annual review at commencement of each financial year and will reflect negotiation made by Social Care or Private Sector Residential Care Association.
  1. Unless specifically exempted in individual cases, fees include care, dietary requirements, laundry of personal items and other services listed in our brochure.  Not included are hairdressing/barber charges, holidays and damage due to neglect of our policy for example smoking or non-accidental damage to Walmer Lodge property including furnishing. Clothing should be clearly labelled with service user’s full name by the service user or their representative.  Personal furnishings used by service user must comply with latest Health & Safety and Fire Regulations.
  1. The service user has the right to self administer drugs and medication if they require, subject to keeping the Staff in charge fully informed of all medication taken.  All treatment will take place under the prevailing terms of the National Health Service.  Any private health care arrangements made by the service user must be undertaken at their own risk and with no liability on the part of the Proprietor.
  1. Whilst the Proprietor has taken the precaution of insuring against the damage of theft of personal items (up to a maximum of £1000.00 per service user) it is obligation and responsibility of each service user to insure their own personal items against accidental loss.  On admission it is required that particular items if intrinsic or sentimental worth be listed and valued in order to facilitate any possible insurance claims. The Proprietors cannot accept liability for the loss damage or theft of the property of a service user which has not been specifically delivered to the Proprietors for safekeeping – a receipt for which shall be issued.
  1. The Proprietors are obliged to inform visitors that they visit the home at their own risk and they, the Proprietors, cannot be held liable for negligence or otherwise for personal injury, loss, theft or damage to goods sustained whilst on the premises.
  1. A service user at Walmer Lodge Residential Home remains in residence by virtue of a licence granted by the Proprietors to the service user – such licence will not constitute o tenancy under the terms of the Rent Act 1977 or any subsequent consolidating or amending legislation of a similar nature and may be terminated by the Proprietors on service upon the service user of a notice to this effect of not less than two weeks duration. Any breach of the Walmer Lodge Residential Home policies or procedures may result in the termination of this contract. 
  1. The Proprietors will require wherever possible two weeks notice of intent to terminate the licence by a service user. However, the licence is terminated when the Proprietors undertake to deliver to the service user a final invoice.
  1. Should the service user have any query or complaint this should be addressed to the Staff in charge.  If the service user is not satisfied with any response given by the Staff in charge the matter should be proceed as outlined in the complaints procedure – copy in service users file.
  1. If a service user should be temporarily absent for at least six weeks, full fees will be payable for the retention of the services offered.  If longer absence is permitted by the Proprietors, the Proprietors may reduce the fees commensurate with Income Support levels.
  1. Room to be occupied is number ………. Any change of room at the service user’s or Proprietor’s request will be discussed and agreed between both parties and will depend on availability of accommodation and the physical and emotional needs of the service user and others concerned.
  1. Refer to service users file for information concerning policies and procedures not specifically covered in this document.

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What we do
Walmer Lodge is a registered residential care home providing dedicated service to people with Mental Health and Learning Difficulties, between the ages of 18 and 65 of both genders who require long term residential care. Short term and respite care is also available to those who need it. We will consider residents who may have low nursing care related needs but do not take residents with specialist requirements or general nursing needs.