Prior to admission service users and their relatives and friends are welcomed to visit Walmer Lodge, meet the staff and assess the quality, facilities and the suitability of the home. Admission to Walmer Lodge would be offered on a 3 months trial basis to help determine the suitability of the placement and after which the prospective Service User and or their representatives can decide to stay or not. We try and avoid unplanned admission where possible and emergency admissions are rare. Copies of our admission policy and procedure are available to prospective service users and their relatives and representatives on request.

Following admission a plan of care for daily living and long-term outcome, including a risk assessment is devised jointly with each service user along with their representatives. The plan is recorded in an accessible style for the service user or representative to agree and sign. The care plan is reviewed by care staff at Walmer Lodge on a regular basis and updated to reflect changing needs and current objectives for health and personal care.
Care Planning

Each service user has a plan of care for daily living, and for longer-term outcomes. The plan is drawn up with the involvement of the service user, recorded in a style accessible to the service user; agreed and signed by the service user who is capable or their representative. Care plans are reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect changing needs and current objectives.

Daily Living:

Meal Times
Meal times are an important highlight in the day and we pride ourselves on our high quality home cooking using fresh produce and meats whenever possible. Meals are provided in a congenial setting and at flexible times. Our aim is to ensure that the service users receive a wholesome, appealing and nutritious diet that is suited to the individual’s assessed and recorded requirements. Hot and cold drinks and snacks are available at all times and offered regularly. As part of our ‘home–from–home’ philosophy, we welcome and encourage service users’ involvement in meal-time activities. However, this would be subject to service users’ choice, capacity, and with health and safety in mind. In best meeting the needs of our diverse service users we provide a kosher diet which meets with everybody’s requirement.  Special health related dietary needs are also catered for as is the provision of Halal food. Consumption of alcohol and other illegal substances on the premises however is strictly forbidden.

We operate a ‘No Smoking’ Policy, all around the home.  Our house rule dictates that all forms of tobacco and lighters are left in the office where they will be securely kept for residents. There is a provision of a smokers shelter should one require to smoke.

Walmer Lodge has an ‘open door’ visiting policy. Friends and familyare warmly welcomed to our home. Complimentary refreshments are always available on request. Our home has a ‘visitor policy’ which is made available to service users and their representatives. Service users are able to receive visitors in private in compliance with our policy. They are at liberty to choose whom they see and do not see. On the other hand, service users are supported in visiting friends and relatives should they wish to do so, and engage in life away from Walmer Lodge. There is no provision for visitors to remain overnight and we ask visitors to vacate the building by 7.30PM to allow all our residents to settle back into their particular routine.

Daily living activities are varied and flexible to suit service users’ expectations, preferences and capacities. Service users at Walmer Lodge enjoy leisure and social activities and individual cultural interests. Service users make their choices and indicate their preferences for weekly activity plan. There is opportunity for accompanied visits to the cinema on a weekly basis, as well as for daily walks and visit to the town centre. Walmer Lodge also organises periodic day trips and any other palaces of social or cultural interest that is of interest of the service users by choice including visits to the local Alhambra Theatre. Service users are also accompanied to their local church on a Sunday.

Access to Services
Health care facilities such as Dentists, Chiropodists, GP Surgeries, Medical Clinics and Adult and Day Care Services are all within easy reach. Support is provided to service users to access these services, and home visits are arranged for those who need them.

Pastoral Care
Our Service users have full access to attend religious service of their choice. We support visits to relevant place of worship and encourage service users to participate in the religious life of their respective communities if they wish to do so. We also arrange domiciliary visits by relevant clergy/bodies as required. Contact numbers can be available to service users on request.

Walmer Lodge believes it is important for our residents to contribute and participate in the life of the home. Ideas and suggestions are welcomed either through word of mouth or through the suggestion box. We also hold regular service users meetings to discuss issues that are important to them.

Independence & Civic Rights
At Walmer Lodge we ensure that the legal rights of the service users are protected. For example, service users are encouraged and enabled to vote in elections. Where service users lack capacity, we call upon advocacy services to help them exercise their rights.

Walmer Lodge endeavour is to help service users exercise autonomy, choice and control over their lives. We do this by helping the service users to handle their own financial affairs for as long as they wish to do so and as long as they have the capacity to do so. Security for monies and other valuables are provided by our Insurance Policy to cover for loss and damage. Office safe is available for service users’ use. Service users are also encouraged and enabled to make use of the banking services, and privacy is afforded for any consultations on financial and personal matters. All private monies and monetary transactions are recorded for transparency. 

Walmer Lodge recognises the importance of self respect and personal dignity. Valuing people is importance to us. We actively involve service users in creating a ‘home-from-home’ feeling and a sense of belonging and independence by encouraging those service users; who have the capacity and the desire, to take responsibility for looking after their own living area with or without assistance. We encourage personal hygiene at all times, and wherever possible, support the service user’s own capacity for self-care.

Access to Information
Walmer Lodge hold relevant personal data for each of its residents. Our policy is to collect relevant and minimum data as is possible for the purpose of providing the best service. We will endeavour to treat the information securely and act within the confines of the Data Protection legislation

Adult Protection
Walmer Lodge has the protection of vulnerable adults policy and procedure in place. In the unlikely event of abuse taking place, the victim has a choice of talking to the manager, the proprietor, and / or the Adult Protection Team. Walmer Lodge will deal with any such matters immediately in line with its complaints procedures. The individual resident concerned may also wish to talk independently to friends; family or their representative and this will be encouraged without prejudice or bias. We will work closely with our residents in the protection of our service users. And continually review our work

‘Whistle Blowing’
Walmer Lodge staff or any other professionals or partner agencies may report with confidence incidents of suspected abuse or mal practice within the home or elsewhere in connection with our residents.  Walmer Lodge will respect the member of staff’s reported concerns and will deal with issues raised without prejudice or detriment to the member of staff concerned. Concerns raised will be listened to with the respect and seriousness it deserves and all legitimate concerns will be investigated and appropriately dealt with.

Recruitment Checks
Walmer Lodge provide quality service in a safe environment. To achieve this, we have put in place a recruitment and selection policy and procedures. This involves the taking up of appropriate and through background check on work history and references with the relevant authorities. An enhanced CRB check is required for all our staff.

Behaviour Management
Walmer Lodge recognises the importance of behaviour management in the interest of safety of all service users, staff and visitors. Staffs are trained in behaviour management and have understanding in how to deal with any aggressive incidents appropriately and in accordance with the guidelines.  Service users are enabled to learn more appropriate ways of expressing themselves and to desist from anti social behaviour.

Death and Dying

Walmer Lodge believe that the process of death and dying with respect and dignity is a fundamental right of any human being and we never regard it as a matter of routine. If a service user is dying or diagnosed with a terminal illness, a full assessment will be carried out. Walmer Lodge believe it is important that our service users receive the best possible care during this period of every human beings life. This will determine whether continued residency at Walmer Lodge is appropriate or whether securing an alternative provision would best meet the needs of our service user. Situation permitting, we will respect the service user’s expressed wishes to remain at Walmer Lodge and continue to provide the quality of care the service user has come to experience and expect prior to this. We will ascertain service user’s wishes and preferences regarding arrangement for funerals and for the disposal of any property the service user may have. Where possible, we will refer to the service user’s family for the administration of last rites and to arranging the funeral in accordance with the service user’s wishes and his/her social, religious and cultural background. In other circumstances we will refer to Social Care to make the necessary funeral arrangements. We recognise the potential impact of death on the community of service users and we will make opportunities available for the service users to come to terms with it in ways the individual service user find comforting and acceptable.

Contact Us
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What we do
Walmer Lodge is a registered residential care home providing dedicated service to people with Mental Health and Learning Difficulties, between the ages of 18 and 65 of both genders who require long term residential care. Short term and respite care is also available to those who need it. We will consider residents who may have low nursing care related needs but do not take residents with specialist requirements or general nursing needs.